Four Elements Home Classroom

A boring basement is transformed into home-schooling classroom with a four-elements theme.


Using a projector, a dinosaur mural is painted onto the "earth" wall. Also representing the earth is a work area in the center of the room. Three tables are pushed together to create one big work surface. Each table is covered with a section of a world map, so when pushed together, the tables create one large map. To make the earthy tables, the map is first laid face down on a large piece of cardboard (can use anything that won’t mark the image). The tables are then flipped upside down on the backside of the map and a pencil is used to trace the exact size of the tabletops. Each piece of map is cut out then spray mounted onto the tabletop. Finally, a couple coats of polyurethane are rolled onto the map to protect the surface.

Makeover Products
spray paint and screen for cave: The Home Depot
red fabric for cave, foam for fish and planets: Jo-Ann Fabrics
pens for mural: Ayers Variety & Hardware
pens for mural: Staples
cable wire: Circuit City
fabric and batting for cave: G Street Fabrics


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