Mexi-Navian Porch

Host Joan Steffend and designer Melissa Pizarro bring Mexican and Scandinavian influences to a dull porch to make for a relaxing alfresco retreat.

  • This neglected porch is lacking the energy that surrounds this couple.
  • Mexican and Scandinavian styles merge for an energetic and bright new porch.
  • The homeowners’s outdoor furniture is freshened up with a couple coats of white paint.
  • With a bit of thrifty shopping, the designers crafted this comfortable reading bench for a small amount of money.
  • A mirror is framed with smaller irregularly cut mirrors.
  • The homeowners’s candle chandelier gets a new whimsical folk-art look.
  • A variety of found items and clever ideas come together to dress up the back door area.


    • Melissa Pizarro
      Designer, Concrete Studio
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