Mexi-Navian Porch

Host Joan Steffend and designer Melissa Pizarro bring Mexican and Scandinavian influences to a dull porch to make for a relaxing alfresco retreat.

Framed Mirror

For a little privacy, spring-tension rods are used to hang white curtains on the lower half of the windows. Next to the bench, an old wicker table base is flipped upside down, lined with plastic and repurposed into a planter. A glass cutter is used to cut mirror tiles into small, irregular squares. The tiny squares are epoxied onto the frame of a plain mirror giving it a new mosaic border.

Planter $38, window panels $27 and mirror $16
glass cutter, spring rods, drapery hangers, mirror tiles and big mirror: Menards


    • Melissa Pizarro
      Designer, Concrete Studio
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