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Dressing Up a Wooden Deck with an Inset

Create a distinctive redwood diamond-pattern detail for the center of your deck.

Materials and Tools:

carpenter's square or tape measure
circular saw
cordless drill


1. Determine the location of the inset, then measure and mark the finished dimensions on the decking.

2. Cut four pieces of redwood to create the largest diamond, with a 45-degree angle on each end of each piece. One side of each piece will be shorter than the other.

3. Cut four more pieces; the longer side of each of these will be the same length as the shorter side of the previous set. Repeat for the third diamond.

4. Assemble each diamond, then fit them inside each other to create one unit.

5. Stain each individual piece.

6. Cut out the marked section of the deck with a circular saw.

7. Assemble the inset in the space.

8. For a seamless diamond pattern, screw the diamonds from underneath the deck using a cordless drill.

Now sit back, admire the finished inset — and enjoy the compliments.

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