Help for a War Hero

A dedicated soldier's four kids get a cool new playroom!

After: Fun and Functional Playroom

The garage is transformed into a multipurpose space — a playroom, a storage area, and yet, it can still function as a place to park a car. The makeover starts by painting the lower third of the walls grass green and the upper two-thirds sky blue. This will give the illusion of being outside, even when garage door is closed and no natural light is available. The floor is covered in solid porcelain tile. This tile is the perfect choice if the family does decide to convert this space back into a garage. Porcelain tile is denser and more durable than ceramic tile and can therefore withstand the weight of a car and is also non-absorbent.

The walls are aligned with storage cabinets to hold toys and games. The inside of the tempered-glass doors are covered with large premade posters to give the space a fun and vibrant look. Mom and Dad are also given their own wall of locked storage (right) for tools and household items. A plastic, kid-friendly couch sits opposite the new entertainment center and flat-panel TV. Clear blue toy bins fit perfectly into the shelves on the entertainment center. A table and chairs provide the kids a place to eat or play board games. A foosball table, football arcade game and a full-size basketball hoop will keep the whole family busy.

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