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Architectural Details Defined

Designer Michelle Carano explains common architectural details. Find more great ideas from Rip & Renew.

Baluster: A support post of a handrail.

Chair Rail: A molding on an interior wall for preventing the backs of chairs from rubbing against plaster.

Double-Hung Window: A window having two sashes that slide up and down.

Egg and Dart Molding: An egg-shaped ornamentation alternating with a dart-like ornamentation.

Facade: The face of a building.

Fluted Column: A column with ribs or flutes that runs the length of the column.

Motif: A repeated figure or design in architecture or decoration.

Newel Post: The post art the end of a staircase, usually attached to both the handrail and the string.

Overmantel: A decorative structure or an ornamental panel situated above a mantelpiece.

Picture Rail: A molding on the upper part of a wall from which pictures are hung.

Rosette: A painted, carved or sculptured ornament having a circular arrangement of parts radiating out from the center and suggesting the petals of a rose.

Roundel: A small circular panel.

Shoe Molding: The finish trim between the floor and the baseboard designed to hide any irregularities in the seam between the floor and the wall or baseboard.

Surround: A decorative element or structure around a doorway, fireplace or window.

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