Midcentury Modern Guest Room

This guest room/office has got a lot going on, not to mention homeowners with tastes on the opposite ends of the design spectrum. A midpoint is reached with a midcentury modern style.

Before: Chaos Central

Kim and Kevin have an office/guest room in their condo that has become a catchall for Kim's pack-rat tendencies. This one room functions as a music recording studio, office, guest room, laundry room and storage room. The closets are packed to the gills, retro knickknacks are scattered about, and there's no space to sit and do basic household paperwork.

The couple would like this room to function as a guest room, a music studio and an office space. Designer Kahi Lee and design coordinators Spencer Anderson and Abraham Hopkins blend function and style to turn this overworked space into a midcentury modern masterpiece.

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