Before and After: Ocean Inspired Living Room Redesign

It's a day at the beach in this ocean inspired living room redo.

Five Panel Screen

The corner behind the couch was a dead space. To balance out the new built-in shelving on the other side of the room, Bromstad designs a five-panel screen. He layers the height from floor, to couch, to lamp, to screen, to ceiling. This gradual dimensional shift creates visual interest in that area. Bromstad uses the wall and woodwork colors and a stencil motif to add a traditional style in the room.

Product Information

paint: wall (custom color mixed by Danielle Hirsch on top of 1656 Aspen Skies), built-in (1103 Camel Back) – Benjamin Moore
vanilla chiffonade panels, red pillar candles – Bed Bath & Beyond
Tibetan stripe rug – Khyber Pass
coffee table – Ricochet Consignment
Nate Burkus turquoise chunky knit blankets (made into pillows), Nate Burkus black floor lamps – Linens 'n Things

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