Tone Down the Color

This urban loft needed to be toned down with neutral colors and a ready-to-sell look.

Moving to the Suburbs

Homeowners Jaime Swearingen and Mike Troman love loft living. Their home was originally an investment property, but now they are ready to cash in and find a place in the suburbs for their growing family of pets. Located in a large complex built in 2003, the two-bedroom, two-bath condo boasts more than 1,300 square feet and an awesome urban view.

Real estate expert Brandie Malay is on hand to provide her in-depth opinion on the home's selling potential. She loves the modern, high-end kitchen and gives it a grade of A plus. However, the living room scores D minus because of the dark, heavy window treatments and the overabundance of electronic equipment that is hiding the fireplace. The books on the shelf above the dining room have Malay confused, so she gives this room an F grade. The bedroom also scores an F as the cluttered Asian theme gives Malay a headache, Plus, she thinks buyers will find it too personal.

Designer Monica Pedersen agrees with Malay's grading system and has a $2,000 plan that will earn this home nothing but straight As.

Step 1: In the living room, tuck away the electronics and emphasize the fireplace.

Step 2: Replace the pint-size dining table with a full-size model, and add some ambient lighting.

Step 3: Tone down the red walls and the themed knickknacks in the master bedroom.

Carpenters Robert North and Chad Lopez are on board with the plan and are ready to complete each step.

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