Worldly Family Room

Traditional furniture and worldly accessories create a comfortable family room.

Elegant Valances

To add a traditional element to the room, they create custom-designed valances.

Materials and Tools:

4x8 sheet of 1/2" plywood
spray adhesive
ribbon trim
staple gun
wood glue
2 L-brackets and screws
straight edge


1. Measure the window. The valance width should be at least four inches wider on either side of the window, so a minimum of eight inches wider than the window width. It should also drop down to cover any casing and curtain rod, a minimum of 12-14 inches tall.
2. Cut the plywood to your valance measurements – one front piece, one top piece and two sides for each window.
3. Glue and nail the pieces together.
4. Measure and cut the fabric, so that it'll go around the back on all sides at least by 4 inches. Note: It's not necessary to have fabric for the top piece, unless you want it for continuity.
5. Turn the valance upside down. Starting on one side, staple the fabric all the way around the valance, making sure to keep the fabric straight.
6. After the fabric is secured, cut the ribbon to the length to fit, adding a few inches extra on each side. Spray the ribbon with the spray adhesive and apply carefully using the straight edge to help keep it even.
7. Hang the curtain rod, according to manufacturer's instructions. Install the L-brackets above the window to secure the valance.
8. Screw the top piece of the valance into the L-brackets.

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