Adult-Friendly Family Room

It's time for a kid-dominated family room to grow up. The Design on a Dime team redefines the space with a casual, beach cottage style that is welcoming to kids and adults.

Crafting/Coffee Table

One of the Mendozas' favorite family activities is scrapbooking. They love to gather around the coffee table and pull all their supplies out. Anderson devises a table that can do multiple duty as a craft table, a coffee table, extra seating and storage. He finds a huge, solid wood table that he cuts down to size and cleans up with white paint. Then, by adding cushions to fit the top, he creates additional seating in the room. The cushions can also be used on the floor as softer seating when the table is being used for craft projects. There's plenty of storage space below to stow away craft materials when not in use.

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