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Trend Spotter: Be Seduced by Moroccan Style

Transform your space into a rocking Moroccan-style casbah with our designer tips.

Moroccan design is welcoming, warm, inexpensive and relatively easy to pull together — all wonderful traits for those interested in Moroccan-style home decorating. "Moroccan styles are timeless," says interior designer Vanessa De Vargas of Turquoise (, an interior design firm and furniture showroom located in Venice, Calif. "[Moroccan styles] have always been popular and in style," she says, but gained popularity when national chain stores like West Elm and Pier 1 recently featured them.

Moroccan design combines the best of Moorish and European influences to form a beautiful union of architecture and style. This fusion of Arab, Spanish, French art deco and Berber style entices design enthusiasts everywhere. It also adds a note of worldly, well-traveled sophistication to a space. The best part is, you don't have to theme an entire room — a few simple accessories will do the trick.

What Is Moroccan Style?

- The Goods: Morocco is known for its handmade works like carved doors and columns, hand-woven carpets, intricately painted tiles, lanterns, leather goods and silver tea sets.
- Color: The North African country borders an ocean, but is also a desert oasis, resulting in a warm and cool color palette. Earth tones combined with various shades of blue and pink are common, as are texture and pattern.
- Traditional vs. Modern: A modernized version of Moroccan style is popular in the U.S. because it successfully takes classic Moroccan-design motifs, materials and styles and gives them a fresh spin. Traditional Moroccan design is heavier, more ornate and what some consider "busy."

Decorating the Moroccan Way
To effectively transform your space into a rocking casbah, keep it simple. It's all about a few key accessories. All you need to create beauty and interest is a throw rug, some toss pillows, a lantern and a side table. De Vargas suggests introducing Moroccan style through soft furnishings, a cushion on a window seat, large pillows on the floor for extra seating, bolster pillows on a sofa or dining chairs reupholstered in bold colors.

If you'd love to create a modern Marrakesh at home but don't quite know where to start, we've got you and your enchanting villa-to-be covered.

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