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Trash to Treasure: Old License Plates

Sasha Andreev shows host Joan Steffend some great ways to decorate with old license plates.

A license plate is made into the cover of a photo album. To make the book cover, a license plate is cut into three pieces – a binder, a front and a back. Piano hinges are used to rivet the three pieces the together. Then insides of a standard photo album are inserted into the license plate book cover.

A variety of license plates are pieced together to make a magnetic message board. Beadboard is mitered into a frame and fastened to a piece of plywood. The license plates are then screwed into the inside of the frame. Small magnets are glued onto wheels from toy cars to complete the auto theme.

Thin, antique license plates are use to dress up the binder-side of magazine storage boxes. The license plates add texture and vintage style to any book shelf.


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