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Expand Bathroom Closet and Relocate Door

Expanding a closet makes this space more functional.

Materials and Tools:

20 2x4x8 lumber boards
four sheets 1/2-inch 4x8 drywall
125 square feet cork flooring
48 linear feet shoe molding
48 linear feet base molding
10 metal corner bead

2-inch finish nails for nail gun
3-1/2 inch galvanized nails
air compressor with hoses
caulking gun
cordless drill with battery and magnetic screw tip
drywall jab saw
framing nailer
measuring tape
pneumatic nail gun- finish
power miter box
reciprocating saw
safety glasses


1. First, turn off the power and remove switches and plugs to make sure you don't cut through any live electrical wires while taking the wall apart. Mark out the desired location for the new door and remove the drywall in this area. Check for plumbing, electric and structural elements before continuing. If the area is clear of any of these obstructions, begin tearing out the wall.

2. Clean up the area once the demolition is complete.

3. Lay out the design for the area, marking the new locations of the wall and doorway. Remove any tile in the area where the new wall is going.

4. Start by laying out the bottom and top plates and nail the studs between them. Stand the wall up into place and nail down into the floor and up into the ceiling rafters.

5. Drywall is next. It’s easier to overlap the area for the door a bit when installing drywall, then go back and cut out the excess. It will go quicker and you’ll get a better cut. Hang drywall sheets on both sides of the new wall.

6. Mix the joint compound and begin applying to the drywall. Tape all the seams with drywall tape and spread a generous amount of joint compound (aka mud) behind the tape or it will bubble as it dries. Wait for the compound to dry, then sand lightly and apply a second coat. Repeat the process for a total of three coats.

7. Finish by installing the baseboard, shoe molding and door trim. Cut the pieces to fit using the miter saw and nail them up with the finish nailer.

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