Patio Makeover: Recreation Vs. Relaxation

Host Chayse Dacoda's challenge is to merge recreational clubhouse style with a relaxing villa feel.

  • Chris and Gillian Tucker want very different things for their back patio. Chris wants a place to socialize with his friends while Gillian wants a calm place where she can relax.
  • Plush and comfortable sofa and chairs with striped cushions surround a fire pit, and the back of the house is painted a warmer beige color.
  • The couple can't figure out how to make their backyard patio work for both of them.
  • Since it's an outdoor space, they bring in a lot of plants to create a lush feeling and to add a sense of division between the two areas.
  • To bring in a villa feel without actually laying new stone, Dacoda comes up with a unique stone effect for the concrete flooring. © 2010 Scripps Networks, L.L.C. All rights reserved
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