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Create an Illuminated Sculpture

Todd Camp collages his artwork with sewing pattern tissue paper torn into strips.

Materials and Tools:

sewing pattern tissue paper
metal armature (tomato cage)
lighting hardware (cord, socket and switch)
light bulb
spray paint
acrylic medium
wire cutters
circle stencil
corrugated metal
plastic grocery bag
paint tray
tin snips
U-bolts and nuts
bolts and nuts
power drill

Step 1

1. Cut a strip of corrugated metal for the base of the sculpture with tin snips.

Step 2

2. Drill holes in the two ends of the base. Bend the metal into a tube and fasten the ends together using nuts and bolts attached through the pre-drilled holes. Tighten with a wrench.

Step 3

3. Bend the ends of a tomato cage back on themselves using pliers. Drill holes in the corrugated base for U-bolts to attach the wires of the tomato cage to the base. Place the ends of the tomato cage wires inside the top of the corrugated metal tube and attach them to the base with U-bolts. Tighten the bolts with a wrench.

Step 4

4. Assemble the lighting hardware by attaching the cord and switch to the socket. Cover the socket with a plastic grocery bag to protect it during the collage phase.

Step 5

5. Cut sewing pattern tissue paper into random strips. Place them in a box and set aside.

Steps 6-8

6. Pour acrylic medium into a paint tray for easy dipping.

7. Dip a strip of sewing pattern tissue paper into the acrylic medium. Remove the excess medium and wrap the strip around the tomato cage. Continue dipping strips and wrapping them around the wire armature until the form is filled in. Let dry.

8. Apply a second layer of sewing pattern tissue paper strips in the same fashion. Let dry.

Steps 9-11

9. Place a circle stencil on the dried paper strips and spray paint circles onto the sculpture. Let dry.

10. Apply another layer of paper. Let dry overnight.

11. Reach inside the completed illuminated sculpture and remove the plastic bag covering the light socket. Place a bulb in the socket and flip the switch.

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