When Country Girl Meets City Boy

Comfortable meets sophisticated in this dramatic living room makeover.

Luggage Storage Box

To give the room both storage and a little touch of fancy, they create patterned antiqued luggage boxes.

Materials and Tools:

wooden storage boxes
decorative leather-finish paper
light wood stain
ink pad


spray adhesive
wood block
foam letters

1. Cut the paper to the size of the box sides, and use spray adhesive to attach to the sides.
2. Create a custom stamp by gluing a foam letter to a wooden block.
3. Draw straight lines on the paper with a ruler and pencil.
4. Dip your custom stamp onto the ink pad and apply to the paper.
5. Assemble the boxes, according to the manufacturer's instructions.
6. Mix a light wood stain with glaze and apply to the storage boxes. Cover all parts of the box, including the hardware.

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