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Ice Cream Sundae Speaker Sculpture

Scott Gramlich garnishes his ice cream sundae speaker sculpture with a cherry on top.

Materials and Tools:

3/4" medium density fiberboard (MDF)
circular saw
straight edge
nail gun
wood glue
solder and soldering iron
latex gloves
painter's tape
14" plastic punch bowl
spray foam insulation
red, light green and dark brown latex paint
ball of modeling clay
3/4" screws
5" woofer speaker
3" tweeter speaker
speaker wire
big spoon
2" of black wire
drill and drill bits
hole saw
safety glasses
utility knife
piece of wire
polyester fiberfil


1. Using a straight edge and pencil measure and mark six rectangles of MDF to make a box measuring 5" x 10" x 7". Cut out the pieces with a circular saw. Wear safety glasses when cutting the wood.

2. Nail and glue the pieces together to make the 5" x 10" x 7" box to house the speakers.

3. Use a compass to mark a 4-7/8" hole for the woofer and a 2" hole for the tweeter.

4. Drill a pilot hole in the 4-7/8" circle and cut out the hole with a jigsaw. Use a power drill with a hole saw bit to cut the small hole.

5. To make a base for the speaker box, mark an 11-inch diameter circle on 3/4-inch MDF.

  • A scrap piece of wire wrapped around a nail makes a great compass for measuring the circle.
  • Make a loop at the other end of the wire to insert a pencil.
  • Drill a pilot hole and cut out the circle with a jigsaw.

6. Place a scrap 3/4-inch piece of wood under the front edge of the speaker box to angle the box up and attach the speaker box to the center of the disc using two 2-1/2" sheet rock screws.

7. Drill a hole through the bottom of the box for the speaker wire.

8. Paint the box using light green latex paint. Let dry.

9. Tape off the top edge of a 14-inch plastic punch bowl with painter's tape. Paint the bottom inside of the bowl with light green latex paint leaving about 2" from the top of the rim unpainted. Let dry. Remove the tape.

10. Drill three holes in the bottom of the punch bowl.

11. Mount the box and disc to the inside bottom of the punch bowl using two 3-inch sheet rock screws. The third hole will be used for the speaker wire.

12. Put on latex gloves. Spray and cover the box and base with foam insulation to look like a mound of ice cream. Wipe away the foam around the speaker holes before it hardens so the speakers can be attached to the wood. Let the foam harden.

13. Paint the mound of insulation with light green latex paint. Let dry.

14. Drip dark brown latex paint over the structure to resemble hot fudge. Let dry.

Step 17

15. Roll a ball of modeling clay for the cherry at the top of the sundae. Stick a pencil in the middle of the ball of clay to make a hole for the stem.

16. Paint the ball cherry red using latex paint. Let dry.

17. Add a 2-inch length of black wire to the hole in the clay for the cherry's stem. Glue the cherry to the top of the sundae.

18. Add one ounce of polyester pillow stuffing to the inside of the speaker box to adjust the sound.

19. Solder speaker wires to the speakers.

20. Screw the speakers into the appropriate holes in the speaker box.

21. Use a utility knife to cut a slit into the hardened foam for the spoon. Insert a large spoon into the slit of the ice cream sundae speaker sculpture.

Scott Gramlich is all about audio. He plays bass guitar, banjo and sitar and works as an audio system designer and installer. He started creating sculptural speakers that are not only great for sound, but they're a conversation piece too. He says it's the perfect marriage of art and science!


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