Colorful Living with Baby

The What's Your Sign? Design team creates a room with an Aries color, a Libra hue, bright sunny curtains and plenty of room for their new baby.

After: Sleek and Traditional

To make the space more airy, they use a wire frame shelf accented with some of Judy's favorite knick-knacks. A new dining set is brought in to match the other dark woods in the room. Edwin loves that there is a definite flow to the room and each area seems to have its purpose, while Judy is pleased with how much space there is in the room.

Makeover Information

sheer curtain panels (Chiffondale, 7638993611); striped curtain panels (Vienna , 89114100515) - Bed, Bath & Beyond
coffee table (065110456); tray table (065110461) - Target
(Emilio, LP-30816BRZ) - The Door Store

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