Reining It In to Relocate

See how a real estate pro and a home stager rein in one family's house so they can sell it and relocate.

After: Decked Out for Dining

Now it's neutral, clean and organized. And the table's all set for dinner, too.

Paint colors used:

living room: C2's Hummus, 337 P
kitchen/dining room: C2's Horseradish, 339-W

* Update: Since the open house, dozens of potential buyers have come through the Bernard house and liked what they saw. While people responded to the changes Soto made, Dawn and Darrell have decided to take their house off the market. Both of their jobs have been keeping them busy, and they decided it was not the right time for them to relocate. They plan to put the house on the market next year, and in the meantime, they are going to make a few more changes around the house.


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