Bohemian Modern Living Room

Host Joan Steffend and designer Cy Winship transform a boring cottage bungalow into a modern, Bohemian retreat.

Living Area

The homeowner gained more seating when designer Cy Winship found a discarded sectional by the side of road. All the pieces of the sectional are in good shape, they just need to be re-covered. Slipcovers are sewn from a vintage, 1950s poodle-textured fabric. Bold and vibrant throw pillows are crafted for additional comfort. Unique end tables are made when old wallpaper emboss rollers are flipped on their side and topped off with a finished piece of wood. The homeowner’s black and white photographs are remounted on bright orange mats so they’ll really stand out and be noticed.

Sectional slipcovers $20, nesting tables $35 and colored mats $12

fabric: Do It Yourself Upholstery Supply
matte board: Michael’s Arts and Crafts - orange 40010005-4611

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