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Trash to Treasure: Old Clocks and Watch Parts

Sasha Andreev shows host Joan Steffend some ideas for decorating with timepieces.

An old wall clock is transformed into a serving bowl by removing the back and inner parts then adhering a clear bowl to the clock’s face.

Serving Skewers

Ladies watches are made into dainty serving skewers. The face of the watch is replaced with a tiny photo then wire is twirled around the face, threaded through the armband loops and twisted into a skewer.


A unique candleholder is made by simply adhering a clock face to an old lamp base.


The shell of an old mantle clock is transformed into a decorative shelf. The inner workings of the clock are removed then a piece of 1 x 4 wood is fastened to the bottom. The entire piece is painted white and picture-hanging hardware is attached to the back.


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