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Linocut Print

Andrea Taylor shares her linocut printmaking process.

Materials and Tools:

2 pieces of battleship linoleum approx 5" x 7" (both pieces precisely the same size)
Saral transfer paper
transparent tape
black permanent marker
carving tools (v1 gouge)
oil-based relief printmaking ink – 2 colors
water bath and water
etching press
2 brayers
1/4" plate glass to roll the ink out
2 palette knives
printmaking paper (180 lb. white)
donacona board
mat board
mat cutter
acid-free mounting tape
glass cleaner
picture frame and glass
picture wire
wire cutter
framing gun and labels
tracing paper


1. Draw a design on a sketchpad. Place a piece of tracing paper over the design and trace it using a pencil.

2. Tape the tracing paper design on one of the linoleum blocks.

3. Place Saral transfer paper under the tracing paper and trace the design onto the block.

4. Retrace the design directly onto the block with an extra-fine black permanent marker.

5. Carve the design using linocut tools and Japanese woodcut tools.

6. Place the printmaking paper into a tray of clean water for at least 20 minutes.

7. Make a registration sheet using a separate sheet of paper and pencil to line up the block when printing different colors.

8. Place two colors of oil-based relief printing inks on 1/4" plate glass slabs using two separate palette knives.

9. Use one brayer for each color and ink up an uncarved block of linoleum with yellow ink. Remove the ink in some spots using a cloth.

10. Ink the carved block with dark red ink.

11. Place the uncarved block inked in the lighter color onto the registration sheet.

12. Place the blotted printmaking paper on top of the inked block on the press bed following the registration sheet.

13. Lower the blankets on the press and run it through.

14. Lift up the blankets and lift up the printmaking sheet leaving one end caught under the press roller. Remove the printed block.

15. Place the inked carved linocut onto the press on the registration sheet.

16. Lower the printmaking paper back down.

17. Lower the blankets back down and run the block through the press.

18. Lift the blankets. Lift the printmaking paper completely off the block to reveal the finished linocut print.

19. Staple the print to donacona board and let dry a few days.

20. Remove the staples, trim the paper edges, measure and cut a mat.

21. Prepare and frame the linocut print with acid-free hinging tape.

Andrea Taylor always pursued art strictly as a hobby until her husband took a job as a librarian in New Mexico. It was during this period that she turned to art to keep busy and stay creative. She has been involved and passionate about the process ever since.


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