Cutting Out the Commute

Real estate experts stage a house to sell so dad can cut out his long commute.

Before: Cluttered and Clunky

When Adam and Liz bought their home, they imagined their family of four staying there for a long time. But now that Adam has a new job that includes a daily commute of three hours, they realize they need to get moving as soon as possible.

The home has been sitting on the market for seven months, while nearby comps are getting sold. It's time to bring in the experts. Realtor Kathy Fong intends to bring potential buyers back with new aggressive marketing strategy, while host and staging pro Sabrina Soto devises a low-cost plan to make this house stand out in the crowd. The main problem areas are the living and dining rooms and the family room, which are weighed down with heavy, dated furniture and scattered with clutter. The master bedroom, bathroom and porch could also use some updating.

For specific product information, click on the first After photo of the room.


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