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Create a Fancy Froggie Statuette

Jenny Harada designs a plush froggie statuette with faux fur fabric.

Materials and Tools:

polymer clay
clay sculpting tools
aluminum foil
thin wire
metal spoon
paper coffee cup
fabric for body, cape, arms and warts
white glue
upholstery thread and needle
acrylic paint — various colors
super-fine glitter
clear-coat spray
nylon stocking
polyester pellets
circle template
sewing machine
black marker
straight pins
baking sheet


1. Form a piece of aluminum foil into a ball for the base of the frog's head.

2. Condition a piece of polymer clay by kneading it in your hands. Cover the foil base with polymer clay. Roll it in your hands to smooth the ball.

3. Roll a ball of clay and cut it in half for the eyes. Apply them to the face and smooth the clay. Add coils of clay to form the lips. Add another piece of clay to the bottom of the head for the neck.

4. Use the edge of a metal spoon handle to create an indentation around the neck for adding the body later.

5. Bake in a 275-degree oven for 30 minutes. Let cool.

6. Sand the clay head lightly to remove any imperfections.

7. Paint the head with a base coat of acrylic paint. Let dry. Paint the lips another color and add black and white paint to the eyes. Let dry.

8. Rub on some super-fine glitter. Let dry.

9. Add a protective clear coat over the top. Let dry.

10. Create the pattern for the cone-shaped body from a flattened paper coffee cup.

11. Trace the body pattern onto the faux fur fabric and cut it out.

12. Cut out four U-shaped pieces of fleece fabric for the arms and two cape pieces from textured fabric.

13. With right sides together, sew up the side of the cone-shaped body using a sewing machine.

14. Place the head inside the body so the neck ridge lines up with the edge of the fabric.

15. Hand stitch around the neck of the body fabric with upholstery thread, and then pull the thread taut around the neck, securing the fabric to the indented groove. Turn the body right side out.

16. Cut the end of a nylon stocking, tie a knot in it and put it inside the body.

17. Stuff the stocking with pellets and tie a knot at the opposite end.

18. Using a circle template, cut a circle of cardboard the same size as the bottom of the body.

19. Cut a circle piece of fabric with a radius about 1/2 inch larger than the cardboard base.

20. Stitch around the edge of the circle and pull tight with the cardboard inside to cover the base.

21. Hand stitch the base to the body with upholstery thread.

22. Machine stitch two U-shaped pieces for each arm together. Turn arms right side out and stuff with polyester stuffing.

23. Hand stitch each arm to the body with upholstery thread.

24. Cut out a bunch of small circles from satin fabric to make warts for the froggie statuette. Stitch around the edge of each circle and gather. Put a little stuffing inside each wart. Attach the warts to the body, stitching by hand with upholstery thread.

25. Stitch the two cape pieces together around the sides and bottom. Turn cape right side out and topstitch. Stitch faux fur trim around the cape edges.

26. Sew a ribbon across the top of the cape, leaving enough length to tie around the neck and make a bow. Tie on the cape, and trim the ribbon on this fancy froggie statuette.


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