Flamingo-Filled Bath

An aerial photo of the Philippines inspires a colorful bathroom retreat makeover.

After: Tranquil Design

The Florida flamingos have flown the coop. The new, tranquil design was inspired by an aerial photo of the Philippine islands. The beach-inspired color scheme comprises luau-green walls, indigo glass shower tiles and sandy floor tiles. Three-dimensional lotus flowers are stenciled in a random pattern around the room. Molding paste was used on the stencils instead of paint to achieve the 3-D effect. The old cast-iron tub is replaced with a bigger, relaxing jet tub and new plumbing. New lighting is dispersed around the room to highlight the bold colors. Three recessed lights are installed over the tub area, a large surface-mount fixture in the center of the room and a contemporary sconce over the vanity.

Makeover product information

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