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Trash to Treasure: Old Lunch Trays

Sasha Andreev shows host Joan Steffend some creative ways to turn vintage metal trays into decorative home accessories.

Decorative trays are used to a make a unique folding screen/room divider. The fairly-easy project was made by hinging together three, inexpensive store-bought shelving units. The brightly-patterned trays are then fastened onto the units.

Side Table

A multi-level side table is made from three trays and one-inch-thick wooden dowels. The dowels are cut to the desired size. Holes are drilled into the corner of each tray and into the ends of the dowels. Threaded rods are used to fasten the dowels to the trays. Little wooden balls are screwed onto top rod for a finished look.

Dessert Tray

A multi-tiered serving tray is made by running lamp parts through the center of three metal trays. Wooden balls are spray painted silver then hot glued on the bottom for decorative feet.


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