Vegas Wedding Reception from Design Star Challenge 4

In week four of Design Star, each of the six remaining designers are asked to create a design concept for a wedding reception. After presenting their ideas, the bride and groom choose the design they want for their reception.

Listen to Your Vision

This Vegas wedding reception challenge was all about the contestants' ability to listen to the clients and serve as a creative conduit to deliver the best possible version of what they want. In this instance, the clients were a young couple named Stephanie and Bruno who had very different ideas for their wedding reception. Stephanie wanted a traditional reception that included some feminine colors, while Bruno wanted to embrace the Vegas venue and create more of a casino experience. Clearly, the team had a large challenge on their hands. You may not be planning a Vegas wedding, but here are my ideas for marrying two very different ideas for a reception.

After each designer put together a presentation to pitch to the couple, Christina is eliminated when she caters more to the taste of the bride-to-be rather than to the groom. Robb, who promises a Vegas extravaganza, is selected the winner and team leader. With a typically bland banquet hall, the challenge is to infuse character, individuality and the very unique combined vision of the couple. The team addresses the bride’s traditional, feminine wants through the table dressing, which includes purple tablecloths, silver-rimmed china and sophisticated cutlery. The groom's Vegas idea takes over pretty much everywhere else with giant-sized die, huge flames, over-scaled gambling chips and an enormous guitar in front of a deep-blue backdrop. The end result was very much to the couple's liking — an important accomplishment — but there were definitely ideas that were executed more successfully than others. Keep reading!

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