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Design Star's Kim Myles

Get to know designer Kim Myles from season number two of Design Star.

Name: Kim Myles

Age: 34

Home: Queens, New York

Profession: Hair Stylist/Design Enthusiast

Education: Associate's degree in Performing Arts — Pacific Conservatory of Performing Arts

Why I should win: I was built for this — I just didn't know there was a category for me until I watched Design Star!

A designer's best friend: Imagination and fearlessness.

My secret weapon: A sense of humor.

My design style boils down to: Global-urban elegance.

Three favorite styles:
1. Modern
2. Boho (bohemian chic)
3. Contemporary

A design do: Texture and color.

A design don't: Bare, white walls.

Favorite designer: I'm inspired by all kinds of designers — interior, fashion, furniture, pottery and jewelry. I could never choose just one!

If I weren't a designer, I'd be: A hairdresser...and I am.

Favorite room to design: Bedroom, because you can push the drama/whimsy envelope.

Dream design project: A loft with an outdoor terrace.

What is your formal design training: Nothing formal. New York City is my university, design magazines are my homework and HGTV is my lecture hall.

If you win, what kind of show would you like to do: One that focuses on giving small spaces huge impact. The tone would be urban, fun, young and glam.

Family: My husband, Scott, and an extended family including sisters, parents, grandparents, friends, in-laws, nieces, nephews, aunts and cousins.

When not working, I'm: Hanging out with my husband and creating new stuff such as lamps, pillows, art, clothing, jewelry, curtains, etc.

Something you'd never guess about me: I'm five feet tall with a size nine foot — not quite circus-freak material, but odd.

Childhood dream: To be a star. There it is.

Do you work well with a budget? Yes, I grew up poor and moved to New York City as an actress. Both of those experiences make you good with a nickel.

My dream vacation: Fiji, Tahiti, Hawaii — anywhere with a distinct culture, sun, sand, clear warm water and mixed drinks.

If my life were a sitcom, it would be: A dark comedy with fabulous sets and wardrobes

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