Contemporary Meets Timeless Kitchen

Modern and classic styles find a compromise in this family room/kitchen makeover.

  • Can interior designer Chayse Dacoda turn two rooms and two cultures into one cohesive design?
  • The walls are painted three colors of terra cotta to keep the room social with great flow into the kitchen, while still making it cozy enough for Jack's TV room.
  • Exotic backgrounds and eclectic tastes have Houda and Jack Tanverakul butting heads over their family room and kitchen.
  • Dacoda balances contemporary furniture with ethnic touches to give the couple both modern and timeless.
  • In the Design Taste Test, Houda mentions she wanted her cultural heritage represented in the room, so they turned an ordinary lamp into a stained glass Moroccan lantern.
  • Dacoda wraps some fabric around a canvas to create an original piece of art for under $40. © 2010 Scripps Networks, L.L.C. All rights reserved
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