Contemporary Meets Timeless Kitchen

Modern and classic styles find a compromise in this family room/kitchen makeover.

Stained Glass Moroccan Lantern

In the Design Taste Test, Houda mentions she wanted her cultural heritage represented in the room, so they turned an ordinary lamp into a stained glass Moroccan lantern. Here's how they did it:

Materials and Tools:

self-adhesive lead strips
glass paint
water-based poly sealer
glass candle lantern
glass of water

1. Lay the self-adhesive lead strips in desired pattern. Note: You can substitute leaded glass paint if you have a steady hand.
2. Paint the inside of the lead strips using translucent glass paint. A thinner coat will give it a more even look; thicker coats get more saturated and the colors are richer and deeper.
3. Spray a coat of water-based poly sealer over the glass paint area with lead strips to give the whole area an even consistent finish.

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