Contemporary Meets Timeless Kitchen

Modern and classic styles find a compromise in this family room/kitchen makeover.

After: Sleek, Modern Lines

To satisfy Houda's need for a social space, designer Chayse Dacoda adds a black granite-topped island in the kitchen. Both of their heritages are incorporated into the room with unique accents.

dark brown paint (Mochaccino, KM4048-5); light brown paint (African Desert, KM4031-3); accent square paint (Fallen Leaf, KM 4032-5) - Kelly-Moore Paints

Chayse's Design Tips:

- Accentuate a view by painting the wall dark.
- Give small spaces depth with multi-tone walls.
- To soften the look of a contemporary cabinet, remove the glass.
- Use unique art to draw people into a room you want to keep social.

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