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Upholstered Seating Cubes

Need extra seating for weddings or entertaining? Create these linen cubes for extra seating in mere minutes.

Materials and Tools:

22" square table
2 yards of burlap fabric (per cube)
staple gun
hot glue gun

1. Cut a piece of burlap in a rectangle long enough to cover the top and two sides of the table, allowing two inches for seams. For our 22-inch table, we cut 66 inches in length plus two inches for seam allowance.
2. Cut two pieces of burlap into 24-inch squares to cover the two remaining sides. (This includes seam allowance.)

3. Attach the two side pieces of burlap to the table first by stapling fabric to the legs and top edge of the table. Don't worry about the raw edges as they're going to get covered later in the process.

4. Attach the large rectangle piece, which covers the top and remaining two sides with hot glue. This will require lots of pulling and finessing to create a smooth surface.
5. Hem the bottom by finger-pressing an inch or whatever's left at the bottom all around with the hot glue.

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