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Escort Card Ideas

Find a creative way to show your guests to their seats with these simple escort cards.

Polished Stone Escort Cards


polished black stones
metallic gold paint pen
decorative tins

1. Write the guest name on the front of a stone using gold paint pen.
2. Write their table number on the back of the stone.
3. Write the number for each table on a stone, allowing a minimum of two stones per table.
3. Fill the decorative tin with moss.
4. Lay guest stones on top of moss.
5. Place numbered stones on each table.

Mini Garden Tool Escort Cards


miniature garden tools
copper garden tags
permanent felt-tipped marker
decorative tray

1. Write each guest name on the front of a copper garden tags and their table number on the back.
2. Attach the tag to the garden tool using decorative ribbon.
3. Fill decorative tray with birdseed.
4. Pop the garden tools into tray so they stand upright.

Simple, Elegant Fruit Placeholders


fruit: pears, green apples, etc.
push pins (pearl-topped pins would make an elegant statement)
computer-printed guest list
permanent felt-tipped marker

1. Print out guest names on a computer
2. Cut out each name.
3. Attach each guest name to piece of fruit with a push-pin and place on table.

Potted Floral Bouquets Placeholders


small garden pots
floral foam
silk flowers
copper garden markers
permanent felt-tipped marker

1. Place floral foam in the base of the small pot to use as an anchor.
2. Stick a small bunch of silk flowers into the floral foam.
3. Write the guest name on a garden marker.
4. Place the garden marker into the center of the flowers.

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