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Illuminated Benches and Faux Fur Ottomans

Make your wedding sparkle with illuminated satin guest seating.

Materials and Tools:

two pieces of medium density fiberboard (MDF) cut to 60"h x 18"w - front of bench
two pieces of MDF cut to 18"h x 15"w - sides of bench
three pieces of MDF cut to 18"w x 15"w - center supports of bench
one piece of MDF cut to 60"h x 15"w - top of bench
2"w MDF trim pieces
5 1/2" x 50" piece of acrylic
3/4" sheets of MDF
2'x4'x8' pieces of wood
brad nails
wood glue
wood filler
lighting gel
battery-powered utility light
tape measure
table saw
nail gun
power sander
paint roller


1. Glue and nail the front, back and two sides together to form a box (figure A).

2. Using a jigsaw, cut out a thin rectangle in the middle of the center supports. This will form a "U" leaving four inches on each side and four inches on the bottom (figure B).

3. Nail and glue the center supports into the box vertically, spacing them 18" apart from one another (figure C).

4. Cut one piece of MDF to 6"w x 40"h to serve as the shelf for the utility light.

5. Glue and nail the shelf horizontally in the "U" of the supports.

6. Cut the 2x4x8 into six 16-inch pieces and nail and glue them into each corner (and in the middle) extending four inches from the bottom to serve as the legs (figure D).

7. Using a jigsaw, cut out a 5 1/2"w x 50"h rectangle out of the center of the top piece (figure E).

8. Glue and nail two-inch-wide trim pieces to the underside of the top piece (surrounding the cutout), creating a lip to hold the acrylic (figure F).

9. Glue and nail the top piece to the bench.

10. Sand the edges (figure G).

11. Paint the entire bench (figure H).

12. Add a battery-powered light to the shelf and cover with a lighting gel (figure I).

13. Insert the acrylic into the top.

Ottoman and Cover

Materials and Tools:

white satin fabric
white fur fabric
sewing machine
fabric scissors


1. Cut a square piece of fur just larger than the ottoman top (figure J).

2. Cut four pieces of white satin just larger than the sides of the ottoman.

3. Sew the fabrics together inside out so you don't have a visible seam (figure K).

4. Turn the fabric right side out and cover the ottoman.

Bench Cover

Materials and Tools:

3" thick foam (60"w x 15"h)
white satin fabric
white fur fabric
sewing machine


1. Cut a piece of fur fabric slightly larger than the piece of foam.

2. Cut pieces of the satin material to cover the sides and bottom of the foam.3. Sew the pieces together (inside out to avoid a visible seam) to make a sleeve for the foam (figure K).

4. After turning the cover right side out, insert the foam into the cover.

5. Hand-sew the last edge of the cover closed (figure L).

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