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Car Gear Business Card Holder

Amber Conger transforms car gear parts into a one-of-a-kind business card holder.

Materials and Tools:

assortment of steel parts including angle iron, bearings, gears, pins
linseed oil
steel chop saw
safety glasses
MIG welder
welding safety equipment
leather work gloves
wire brush
business cards


1. Gather an assortment of parts and clean as necessary.

2. Cut a piece of angle iron to length with a steel chop saw. Wear safety glasses.

3. Weld three bolts as legs to the bottom of the piece of angle iron with a MIG welder.

4. Clean the pieces with a wire brush.

5. Weld a spring to the front of the angle iron. Weld a gear to one side and various parts for decoration.

6. Oil the car gear business card holder with linseed oil to make it rustproof.

7. Add business cards and place on a desk.

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