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Framed Family Tree

Stephanie Inman prints black-and-white family pictures and attaches them to bottle caps on a tray frame for her cherished family tree.

Stephanie Inman got her degree in architecture, but is now a graphic designer.

Materials and Tools:

family photos
computer, scanner, printer
glossy paper
patterned scrapbooking paper
screen mesh
industrial adhesive
glue gun and hot glue sticks
large tray approx. 22" x 15"
curly willow or grapevine
small plastic or silk flowers
craft moss
mat board
card stock
adhesive-backed vinyl flooring square
foam core
metal washers
bottle caps
acrylic paint
craft knife
spray adhesive
adhesive dots

Step 1


1. Scan and crop family photos. Print them in black-and-white on glossy paper — all the same size so that they will fit on the top of bottle caps.

Step 2

2. Cut out the photos with scissors.

Step 3

3. Print out the family names on a light-patterned paper. Trim them into leaf shapes.

Step 4

4. Cut out larger leaf shapes from screen mesh.

Step 5

5. Paint a vintage wood tray in desired colors. Cut a piece of mat board the size of the bottom of the tray and paint it to match the tray. Let dry.

Step 6

6. Apply spray adhesive to the back of a piece of scrapbooking paper in a well-ventilated area. Position the paper near the bottom of the mat board where the roots will be and adhere it to the board. Trim the edges. Add a ruler-patterned strip of paper across the top of the paper.

Steps 7-8

7. Sketch the tree shape on the mat board above the scrapbook paper in pencil. Cut and arrange the curly willow branches into the tree branches according to the sketch. Hot-glue the willow branches to the mat board. Hot-glue little flowers in selected areas.

8. Hot-glue moss to the bottom of the tree.

Step 9

9. Cut a rectangle from a slate-patterned vinyl tile. Print out the word "ROOTS" on the computer and hot-glue to the vinyl. Cut a piece of foam core slightly smaller than the vinyl rectangle.

Step 10

10. Peel away the backing from the vinyl and adhere the foam core to the back.

Step 11

11. Cut two small rectangles of foam core and hot-glue them to the ends of the larger foam core rectangle.

Step 12

12. Turn the "ROOTS" plaque over and hot-glue it to the base of the tree.

Step 13

13. Hot-glue moss around the "ROOTS" plaque.

Step 14

14. Hot-glue the mesh leaves to the tray. Glue the name leaves on top of them. At the end of each leaf, use industrial adhesive to attach a washer and a bottle cap.

Step 15

15. Adhere the family pictures on top of the bottle caps using adhesive dots on your framed family tree.

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