Contemporary Master Bedroom Conversion With Asian Accents

A master bedroom goes from blank white to stunning purple with Asian accents in this dramatic transformation.

After: Stunning Asian Contemporary

After: Stunning Asian Contemporary

A great way to give a room an Asian feel is to create a low-lying platform bed and paint it dark. Painting the furniture black makes a small room look larger.

There are a couple ways to chose secondary accent colors to use with purple: reds and blues, which are very close to purple on the color palette and create a calming effect, or yellows and oranges, which really pop against purple. Bromstad chooses yellows and oranges: the other walls are painted a neutral yellowish tone, which is light and airy against the purple feature wall, and pillows and accessories in orange. he then tapes off large blocks and paints them three similar shades of purple and plum. A top coat of glaze brings the shades even closer together for a more subtle effect.

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