Contemporary Master Bedroom Conversion With Asian Accents

A master bedroom goes from blank white to stunning purple with Asian accents in this dramatic transformation.

Before: A Blank Slate

Before: A Blank Slate

Homeowners Sam and Helen have a blank slate of a bedroom, and host/designer David Bromstad knows exactly what to do with it, starting with color. They tell Bromstad that they want a contemporary style for their bedroom — clean lines, warm and cozy, with some Asian elements.

Bromstad walks through their house and sees that they have dark wood furniture in other rooms and dark steps leading to the upstairs master bedroom. He points out that maintaining one wood tone throughout a house makes the whole house feel like one space. After choosing shades of purple and plum for the focal wall, he plans a style for the room — clean and contemporary with some Asian elements. He goes shopping with color/design assistant Danielle Hirsch to find color and structural inspiration, and they find a couch in the perfect shade of chocolate brown and then curtain panels in purple with chocolate undertones.

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