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Antique Lamps and Mantel

Antique globes add a personal touch to the kitchen.


two 1x8 pine boards, 6-feet long
two shelf brackets
1-1/4 inch finishing nails


cordless drill with battery and magnetic screw tip
electrical meter with continuity tester
electrician’s pliers
screwdrivers (Philips and flat-head)
router with ogee bit
power miter saw
cordless screw gun
pneumatic finish nailer
air compressor and hoses


1. Turn the power off at the fuse panel.

2. Carefully remove the old fixtures.

3. Wire the new lamps in the same manner as the old light fixture. Connect matching colors (black to black, white to white). You must remove about a half-inch of insulation from each new wire before attaching it to the ceiling wires.

4. Hang the new fixtures.

5. Once the electrical connections are secure and the lamps properly mounted, turn the power back on.

6. Get started on the mantel by cutting the first board to the desired length. Rout a decorative edge along the three exposed sides.

7. Next, measure the distance between the decorative edges and cut the second board to this length. Rout the same decorative edge on this board.

8. Glue and nail the boards together using 1-1/4 inch finish nails.

9. Attach the shelf brackets to the wall by screwing to the studs or by using wall anchors.

10. Set the mantel shelf on the brackets.

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