Urban Backyard Wedding

An unfinished backyard is transformed into an urban sanctuary perfect for an outdoor wedding.

  • Susan Yee and Scott Hoshida's house was built in 1920, but unfortunately, the yard hasn't been touched since.
  • The flagstone patio serves as center stage for the ceremony and will also be a great entertaining spot for any occasion to come.
  • The couple has called in the Landscape Smart team for double duty — a landscape makeover and a wedding.
  • A curved decomposed granite pathway leads out into the yard and also serves as an aisle for the wedding.
  • This custom trellis is a dramatic focal point for the landscape and also acted as the perfect spot for the couple to say their vows.
  • This simple, yet impressive bridge, dressed for the wedding ceremony with colorful garlands, connects the yard and adds character.
  • These easy-to-make vases can line the aisle, hang on the back of the guests' chairs or act as decorative accents to a centerpiece.
  • The couple brings in their Asian heritage with a wedding cake accented with sugar orchids and branches.


    • Taylor Nguyen
      Wedding Coordinator/Event Designer
      Ha Le Events
      Website: haleevents.com
    • Ian McCartt, General Contractor
      McCartt Construction
      Phone: 925-858-4469
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