See the Motor Mansions of 2007

Check out a few of the most tricked-out motor mansions on the market today.

  • The top floor of Robert DeNiro's double decker RV, known as "The Heat", has a private screening room that can seat 30.
  • The design elements in this RV include cut-glass accents, multicolored LED light fixtures and an super-elaborate audio-visual system to keep everyone entertained.
  • The large sitting room in Danica Patrick's RV slows her down with soothing colors, ample seating and a large plasma TV.
  • One of the more unusual requests for the creator of a custom RV — this kitty condo for six felines.
  • Ultimate in Opulence


    • Ron Anderson
      President, Anderson Mobile Estates
    • Mark Williams
      Engineer, Marathon Coach
    • Jennifer Clausen
      Interior Designer, Marathon Coach
    • Jay Graham
      Engineer, Marathon Coach
    • Darrel Frederickson
      Technician, Marathon Coach
    • Rick Kent
      Chairman, Prevost Prouds
    • Brian Griffitt
      Sales Rep, Buddy Gregg Coach
      Toll-free: 800-858-7139
    • Frank Konigseder
      President, Liberty Coach
      Phone: 847-578-4600
    • Jim Simms
      Sales Rep, Legendary Coach
      Phone: 541-465-8833
    • Clyde Bailey
      Sales Rep, Featherlite Coach
      We apologize no contact information is available.
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