See the Motor Mansions of 2007

Check out a few of the most tricked-out motor mansions on the market today.

Dapper Dinette

The most expensive RV ever built is this $2.5 million conversion bus by Featherlite Coach called the Platinum Plus. The exterior features three slideouts, a wild paint job and an entire outdoor kitchen. The kitchen includes a grill, microwave, ice maker, freezer, refrigerator, multi-layer wine rack and an entertainment bay — everything you need to tailgate and have a good time with your friends. "The only thing you have to add is food and fuel," says Clyde Bailey of Featherlite.

The inside of the Platinum Plus boasts elegant furnishings you'd expect to find in a country club, not a motorhome. The exotic materials and craftsmanship come from five different continents and appear around every corner. There's Italian furniture and silk window treatments, rare marble floors, an onyx dinette table and even handmade crystal light fixtures. The high-tech galley kitchen blends modern conveniences with traditional design motifs. The handpainted farmhouse sink is surrounded by custom copper countertops, for example. There are full sets of cutlery, flatware and plates as well as a stocked liquor cabinet.

The bathroom has a solid onyx shower stall with French hardware that includes four body washers, a handheld extension and cascade shower head. There are even Egyptian-cotton spa robes and towels to ensure a completely luxurious experience. Other amenities include an office area with suede-lined drawers that's fully equipped with a wide-screen laptop, scanner, printer and fax machine. Perhaps the pièce de résistance is the built-in gym. The treadmill has a 10" LCD TV built in behind the mirror in the stateroom!


    • Ron Anderson
      President, Anderson Mobile Estates
    • Mark Williams
      Engineer, Marathon Coach
    • Jennifer Clausen
      Interior Designer, Marathon Coach
    • Jay Graham
      Engineer, Marathon Coach
    • Darrel Frederickson
      Technician, Marathon Coach
    • Rick Kent
      Chairman, Prevost Prouds
    • Brian Griffitt
      Sales Rep, Buddy Gregg Coach
      Toll-free: 800-858-7139
    • Frank Konigseder
      President, Liberty Coach
      Phone: 847-578-4600
    • Jim Simms
      Sales Rep, Legendary Coach
      Phone: 541-465-8833
    • Clyde Bailey
      Sales Rep, Featherlite Coach
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