See the Motor Mansions of 2007

Check out a few of the most tricked-out motor mansions on the market today.

Kitty Condo to Go

Creators of custom RVs often get unusual requests, but one particularly unusual one is that of Carolyn and Cub Clinger: a kitty condo. The Clingers wanted to be able to travel comfortably with their six cats on a bus, so the designers at Marathon created a special compartment just for their six cats — Miss Kitty, Miss Molly, Macho, Prince, Tory and Skitters — that features a ramp and door for them to enter and exit the main areas of the bus, a special drinking area with a reverse-osmosis filter (hooked up to the purified water system) and, of course, a private place to hide for the kitties to do their business.


    • Ron Anderson
      President, Anderson Mobile Estates
    • Mark Williams
      Engineer, Marathon Coach
    • Jennifer Clausen
      Interior Designer, Marathon Coach
    • Jay Graham
      Engineer, Marathon Coach
    • Darrel Frederickson
      Technician, Marathon Coach
    • Rick Kent
      Chairman, Prevost Prouds
    • Brian Griffitt
      Sales Rep, Buddy Gregg Coach
      Toll-free: 800-858-7139
    • Frank Konigseder
      President, Liberty Coach
      Phone: 847-578-4600
    • Jim Simms
      Sales Rep, Legendary Coach
      Phone: 541-465-8833
    • Clyde Bailey
      Sales Rep, Featherlite Coach
      We apologize no contact information is available.
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