See the Motor Mansions of 2007

Check out a few of the most tricked-out motor mansions on the market today.

Swank Sitty Room

For some people, turning a high-end RV into a home on the road is more than a luxury — it's a necessity. Take IndyCar sensation Danica Patrick. She trades in four hot wheels for eight luxurious ones during the six months a year that she and her family are on the racing circuit. Her Prevost conversion by Marathon Coach (pictured above) provides her some respite from her hectic racing schedules. "When the season gets going, this is my home away from home. Everything that I need is in this bus," she said.

Driven by her father and manager, T.J., Danica Patrick's RV features a large sitting room (pictured above) with soothing colors, ample seating and a large plasma TV. The galley kitchen includes a full-size refrigerator and ample storage space in the cabinetry, which means Patrick never has to go without her favorite foods. There is also a bedroom in the back with electric blinds for privacy, a standard-size bathroom and washer/dryer.


    • Ron Anderson
      President, Anderson Mobile Estates
    • Mark Williams
      Engineer, Marathon Coach
    • Jennifer Clausen
      Interior Designer, Marathon Coach
    • Jay Graham
      Engineer, Marathon Coach
    • Darrel Frederickson
      Technician, Marathon Coach
    • Rick Kent
      Chairman, Prevost Prouds
    • Brian Griffitt
      Sales Rep, Buddy Gregg Coach
      Toll-free: 800-858-7139
    • Frank Konigseder
      President, Liberty Coach
      Phone: 847-578-4600
    • Jim Simms
      Sales Rep, Legendary Coach
      Phone: 541-465-8833
    • Clyde Bailey
      Sales Rep, Featherlite Coach
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