See the Motor Mansions of 2007

Check out a few of the most tricked-out motor mansions on the market today.

All Lit Up and Ready to Roll

Custom creating a motor mansion is more like building a new home than buying an RV off the lot. It takes imagination, patience and above all, money — and lots of it. Price tags could easily run into the millions. Just ask Laurie and Jean Babilis of Ogden, Utah, who have just custom designed their fourth Marathon coach. Their 75 feet of fun is packed with plenty of amenities and built-in storage to transport supplies for their family of nine. The price tag is more than worth it to them because they feel that "families that play together stay together."

Jean Bablis wanted his custom coach to be a party pad on wheels, and he got just that — from unique design elements like cut-glass accents, multicolored LED light fixtures and a super-elaborate audio-visual system to keep everyone entertained. It took a team of 300 nearly six months and 12,000 hours to complete this million-dollar motor mansion. There are generators built in to power all the on-board TVs, lighting and appliances, and special computers were designed to monitor and maintain the systems.


    • Ron Anderson
      President, Anderson Mobile Estates
    • Mark Williams
      Engineer, Marathon Coach
    • Jennifer Clausen
      Interior Designer, Marathon Coach
    • Jay Graham
      Engineer, Marathon Coach
    • Darrel Frederickson
      Technician, Marathon Coach
    • Rick Kent
      Chairman, Prevost Prouds
    • Brian Griffitt
      Sales Rep, Buddy Gregg Coach
      Toll-free: 800-858-7139
    • Frank Konigseder
      President, Liberty Coach
      Phone: 847-578-4600
    • Jim Simms
      Sales Rep, Legendary Coach
      Phone: 541-465-8833
    • Clyde Bailey
      Sales Rep, Featherlite Coach
      We apologize no contact information is available.
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