Urban Contemporary Living Room

At a loss for color inspiration? Host/designer David Bromstad checks homeowners' closets for colors they look good in and then uses those colors to create an urban contemporary living room.

  • The Balfreys have the light they need to be bold with color, but right now the room is washed out. They want color; they just can't bring themselves to take that first step.
  • Although gray is generally regarded as a somber color, it actually is calming and can be brightened with accent colors.
  • The room is large enough to house a sizeable desk and workspace in a corner of the room without interfering with the living space.
  • With a large room and very separate areas, repeating a color or pattern en masse makes the two spaces feel like one.
  • This desk can be used from both sides, which allows it to function beyond the role of a standard desk.
  • If you want your artwork to make a really huge statement, use something with colors that aren't in the room at all.
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