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Create a Vintage Tile Necklace

Alisha Fredrickson designs this vintage tile necklace with a die-cut matchbox and other embellishments.

Materials and Tools:

decorative papers
vintage picture printed on inkjet paper
gel medium
rummy tile
black die inkpad
words printed on card stock
fibers with wooden bead
"fly" word stamp
die-cutting machine
matchbox die
white glue
wood craft stick
foil or small brass crown
metal wing embellishments
hole punch
small key embellishment

Step 1

1. Create a matchbox using two coordinating decorative papers and a die cut machine. Place the paper for the box in the die-cutting machine, place the die on top of the paper and engage the machine to cut the die.

Step 2

2. Assemble the matchbox using white glue.

Step 6

5. Peel away the backing to transfer the image to the game piece.

6. Stamp the word "fly" with black ink and glue a crown made of foil on the head in the picture.

Step 8

7. Glue the wings to the back of the tile using white glue.

8. Glue the tile to the matchbox cover with white glue.

Step 11

9. Punch two holes on the inside panel of the matchbox. Thread the fibers through the top of a small key embellishment. Thread each end of the fiber through each punched hole in the end of the matchbox, suspending the key on the inside of the box.

10. Thread the two fiber ends through a wooden bead on the outside of the matchbox and push the bead up to the box. Tie the ends of the fibers together.

11. Glue a preprinted saying to the inside of the matchbox for this vintage tile necklace.

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