Rambler Modern Makeover: Before-and-After Slide Show

A look at a stunning transformation of a suburban rambler.

  • Homeowners Anna and Chad Van Lier managed to add a second story to their rambler before their home renovation schedule was sidetracked with that arrival of a baby daughter. Since then, they've been stuck with boring beige primer on the siding, a crumbling driveway and nearly non-existent landscaping.
  • Designer Jennifer DiStefano and landscape designer Tom Harley combined to negotiate a compromise that balances Chad's desire for a masculine look with Anna's fondness for bright colors, especially pink.
  • The unique details, like custom shutters and iron-and-metal covers below the porch, give the house a modern, contemporary feel.
  • The colorful garden, new walkway and spacious seating area create an inviting atmosphere.
  • A bright pink swing for the Van Liers' daughter adds another small yet vibrant burst of color to the yard.
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