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Gorgeous Green Homes

View a slide show of homes that are as nice to the planet as they are beautiful. From HGTV's Red, Hot and Green special presentation.

Carter Oosterhouse installs cork flooring tiles. Made from cork oak bark, the harvesting of cork does not harm the tree and a new layer of cork re-grows, making it a renewable resource. The flooring is waterproof, soundproof and a natural insulator.

This wallpaper is made of sea grass, an abundant, sustainable resource that grows in saltwater marshes. The fibers are woven into beautiful warm and textured wallpaper that brings a natural feel to any room.

This concrete countertop is made from limestone, one of the most abundant minerals on earth. The concrete is similar in price and durability to granite, yet easier to shape.

Bamboo flooring is less expensive and is actually harder that hardwood floors, making it more durable. It is also much more environmentally friendly as it only takes about five years for a bamboo plant to reach maturity, while hardwood takes decades. And once the bamboo is harvested, the root continues to grow and produce more stock.

This beautiful green-decor bedroom features cork floors, a wool cotton rug and silk and wool pillows. The dresser and the bed are both made from reclaimed wood recycled from old barns.

Danny Seo's "Zen Den" bedroom makeover features organic cotton sheets woven from fibers grown without pesticides or other chemicals. The all-natural window treatments are made of bamboo and sea grass; covering the windows helps make the room more energy efficient.

Rather than buying new decorative items, Danny Seo recycled many items the homeowners already had and gave them a whole new look. He used some old keepsakes that had been in storage to create apothecary memory jars, displaying them with artwork to add layers and substance to this area.

The stones for this display were collected by the homeowners during their travels in Asia.

For the yard makeover, Carter Oosterhouse replaced the lawn with gravel to cut down on watering, reduce the need for chemical fertilizer and eliminate the need to fire up a gas-burning lawnmower. Most of the plants are indigenous to the area, ensuring a low-maintenance landscape.

This decking material is a sustainably harvested tropical hardwood called ipe. Ipe is strong and naturally resistant to rot, weather and termites.

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